Our Pro Tuff Door is the answer for demanding professionals. Bump them, bang them, slam trays and carts into them. These doors seem to say thanks for the punishment, please give me more.


Most doors are made of flimsy aluminum that is cheap, but does not wear well over time. Doors develop cracks, paint comes off, and they harbor mold, bacteria, and pathogens. Compare that with our Tuff Lite doors designed specially for restaurants.

Ruff Tuff Doors For When You Give Your Doors a Pounding Workout Every Day


The internal welded steel frame stoutly prevents them from warping. This is just what you need for pallet jacks and forklifts. Corrosion and water resistant. Built for supermarkets with high traffic and punishing use, this is one of the most durable doors ever created for supermarket use.

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We use reinforced steel and rock hard molded plastics that can withstand constant kicks and bumps.

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