Ruff Tuff Doors For When You Give Your Doors a Pounding Workout Every Day

Built for supermarkets with high traffic and punishing use, this is one of the most durable doors ever created for supermarket use.

We got a lot of requests from supermarkets to design and build a door that could take the ultimate punishment. Managers and owners were tired of traditional wood doors cracking, looking bad, and eventually falling apart. Rather than putting up with broken doors and expensive replacement costs, savvy supermarkets are switching to this Ruff Tuff Door that was designed from the ground up to easily withstand even the harshest abuse. These doors are hermetically sealed with steel. The internal welded steel frame stoutly prevents them from warping. This is just what you need for pallet jacks and forklifts. Corrosion and water resistant.

Ruff Tuff Rendered #3 (Exploded)
Ruff Tuff Rendered #1
Ruff Tuff double restaurant doors
RuffTuff single kitchen door