Tuff Lite Doors Give Restaurants Years of Trouble Free, High Performance
Servers are kicking doors open hundreds of time each day. Our stainless steel Tuff Lite can handle it.

Tuff lite stainless steel swinging doors

Tired of restaurant doors that look great but can’t withstand the heavy use your kitchen and servers give them? Don’t fault your servers. Most doors are made of flimsy aluminum that is cheap, but does not wear well over time. Doors develop cracks, paint comes off, and they harbor mold, bacteria, and pathogens. Compare that with our Tuff Lite doors designed specially for restaurants. Made with welded stainless steel these doors can handle years of use and abuse. They’re also light, which makes the day go smoother for servers carrying trays and stacks of plates through them hundreds of times. Health inspectors love them and they look great to your customers.

Tuff Lite Bar Doors