Pro Tuff Doors Are the Ultimate Door For Restaurants

You’ve got a busy restaurant and no door seems to keep up with you. Pro Tuff can do the job.

Pro Tuff color doors

You need a truly strong and durable door for your kitchen. Our Pro Tuff Door is the answer for demanding professionals. Bump them, bang them, slam trays and carts into them. These doors seem to say thanks for the punishment, please give me more. Built with advanced polymers and USDA approved Elastomeric Exterior Coating. Doors are manufactured with with steel reinforcements with sides and caps built of durable steel. This keeps Pro Tuff doors from warping. You get a door that is far more resistant than what you’re used to. Now you can save money by not having to replace doors. Pro Tuff will give you and your staff trouble free service for years to come.

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